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What we do

The Connectives favours a partnership approach. We work with clients on the design, construction and implementation of suitable activities. We develop a deep understanding of your organisation or business so that we can align action with your priorities.  

We appoint an executive sponsor for projects to support the lead consultant and the client. In many projects we establish a small steering group to represent stakeholder interests. In this way there is a shared vision and direction for the assignment, agreed performance outcomes and a group to monitor progress and guide evaluation. 

Clearing a path

Sometimes – things are simple so that’s just how we keep it!

Other times, bigger programmes of work benefit from a systematic approach.  When this is the case, typically we do this in stages to suit the client:

Mobilise and plan to specify the goals, scope, deliverables, dependencies, risks and milestones for the assignment.

Discovery to engage people in describing how things are now and how they could be. We jointly analyse and interpret data to reveal shared insights. 

Co-create – to design and build solutions together using the wisdom of internal and external talent.  

Implement – we can be as hands on/off as you prefer. Our preference is always to build your capacity and to transfer knowledge, skills and tools – not to create dependency. 

Evaluate and handover. Reviewing targets, measuring outcomes, setting new goals and ensuring the benefits stick.