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Growing value and measuring impact - social, economic and environmental

In many markets, there’s evidence that businesses and organisations delivering triple bottom line results – social, economic and environmental value – outperform their competitors 1

What’s more, the difference they make in the world is increasingly regarded as important as its financial returns.  So doesn’t it make sense to deliver in all three areas?

We can help you make a difference and measure it too

From Manchester to Bangalore, Jerusalem to Detroit, The Connectives have been connecting individuals, communities and organisations where there’s a real chance for mutual benefit.

Big thinkers, with proven results in helping businesses trade in a ‘more-than-for-profit’ way, we can also deliver the evidence of making a difference that will satisfy customers and stand up to public scrutiny.

Social accounting tools

In our team, we have internationally qualified experts that set standards in assessment methods and we’re all familiar with the 30 plus tools recognised in the social accounting world.

Using the three most commonly applied tools, namely SAA – social accounting and auditing, SROI – social return on investment or LM3 – Local Multiplier 3, we can help you develop into a successful business or sound investment prospect by working with you to:

  • Plan your business strategy so you embed the benefits in all you do
  • Undertake social, economic and environmental impact assessments to prove you’ve secured the intended outcomes
  • Articulate and evidence social returns and if necessary, advise on ways to improve them 
  • Secure social value and innovation from your supply chain, and encourage suppliers to do the same
  • Stand out in a competitive market place
  • Provide CSR support
  • Run and facilitate social value sessions and social enterprise development

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