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The Connectives exist to create positive disruption!

That’s what I tell people when they ask me what we do and how we do it – it’s easier to first of all explain why we exist.

When I speak about positive disruption, I mean at a personal level or in a community, company, sector, policy forum or market – not only in the UK, but around the world.

We use positive disruption to help people tap into what they need and to generate energy and aspiration to want to be or do something differently.

Sometimes with an individual, it could be a simple conversation that creates the tension or excitement in them to change something in their life, their community or their business.  

Or it could arise in a more planned way in a coaching session; in a one-to-one development context or in the boardroom, firing up possibilities that have never been considered or have been waiting to become a higher priority for a while.

Other times, we share ideas through facilitation, speaking at an event, writing a paper, delivering a developmental event or designing and supporting the delivery of a new vision, a transformation programme or  an impact report that gives evidence of what’s changed as a result of their work.

We could be taking people to places or connecting people – bringing  companies , customers and thought leaders together to experience things that shape their ambitions and stimulate new ways of addressing old or current challenges.

A few years ago, a simple conversation with 42nd Street about whether a capital asset, rather than a rent liability would better support its work and bring long term benefits, led to something very special.  Today the organisation owns a stunning, award winning building that has significantly strengthened its balance sheet.  Positive disruption evidenced.

You see, change happens when people become dissatisfied with the status quo.  It starts with being uncomfortable with the ‘as is’ and having a view of the ‘what could be’ if we just did things a little differently.

The Connectives is about getting people curious enough to be bothered.  We like to get people talking and encourage them to be more ambitious about the world we live in.  And if we can use our skills, capabilities, networks, transformation strategies and training to help bring about that change then great. Our view is think hard, dream big and then deliver.

Last year, my colleague Liz Allen, took her experience of social impact measurement to South East Asia where she partnered an organisation helping women in Nepal to change their status quo.  Geography doesn’t dictate where we work because we love to work with people who have the energy to dare to think differently and bring about tangible change; we’re happy to follow the connection to where this might lead.    

We create with others positive disruption in the private, public, voluntary and social sectors alike– agitating, inspiring ideas and creating solutions that can help people see how things could be different, what it will look like and how it will affect them and the things they care to impact.

We’d love to be positively disruptive with others who see the potential too.  Nothing is too big or too small, so if you think you you’d like to make things happen, please get in touch.

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